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Ambience in your Tanning Studio

Ambience in the Tanning Studio is an important component often overlooked by Tanning Studio owners.

The “ideal” is a customer who feels energised as they arrive and leave your Tanning Studio and who also feels empowered to re-book and recommend others to your establishment.

Whilst the tanning area needs to be brightly lit when applying a Spray On Tan to achieve a flawless finish, it is important to create a relaxed ambience in other parts of your studio with low light, beautiful fragrances and soft music to ensure that your client has a relaxed and memorable tanning experience.

This can be achieved with Tanbience soy wax candles and melts

All Tanbience products are:

  1. 100% Australian Handmade
  2. 100% Organic Soy Wax
  3. Vegan
  4. Non-toxic
  5. Kosher
  6. Lead Free
  7. Free from artificial colours or preservatives

Tanbience Candles are competitive priced to give customers a great value for money whilst treating themselves or buying gifts for their family and friends, while at the same time maintaining a healthy margin for the tanning studio.

All Tanbience Candles are currently 15% Off (retail and wholesale) *valid until 19.02.16.


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