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For years, spray tanners with darker complexions found that their make-up no longer matched their skin tone. Not wanting to ruin a fabulous spray tan, Mosaic Minerals was developed to complement darker tanned skin tones, leaving you looking beautiful.

The Mosaic Minerals range is available in ten beautiful shades, with a foundation ranging from Porcelain to Chestnut and four shades of bronzer, from Sugar Cane to Mocha.

Mosaic Minerals is derived from natural ingredients including the exotic, anti-aging Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Esters and Phytosqualane. It cares for your skin and has no artificial colours, fragrances, talc, PEG’s, parabens, or any other hidden nasties.

  • No artificial fragrances
  • No PEGs, Parabens, SLS or Propylene Glycol
  • No Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride

The Mosaic Minerals Colour Palette satisfies a varied range of skin tones. The palette includes ten shades of foundation and four bronzers, combining a variety of natural ingredients to create a true masterpiece.

The Mineral Foundation offers a lightweight formula that conceals and provides extra coverage and durability. Apply it on its own, over a liquid foundation or blended with other colours to achieve an absolutely flawless look.


Mosaic Minerals’ products are derived from natural ingredients; containing vitamin E and vitamin C found in the exotic Kakadu Plum Extract as well as the anti-aging properties of jojoba esters and phystosqualane.

Mosaic Minerals cares for your skin and contains:

No artificial fragrances
No PEGs, parabens, SLS or Propylene Glycol
No talc or Bismuth Oxychloride
So you can rest easy!

Mosaic Minerals Colour Palette:

Our colour palette caters to a diverse range of skin tones, with ten shades of foundation and four bronzers. Just like a mosaic, we have combined a variety of natural ingredients to create a masterpiece.

Mineral Foundation

Warm Neutral Foundation — 1g Trial SizeThe lightweight formula achieves fantastic results and can be built up to provide extra coverage and durability. It can be applied on its own, over a liquid foundation or blended with other colours to achieve a flawless look.

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Mineral Bronzer

Mosaic Minerals Warm Spice Bronzing Powder — 1g Trial SizeAdd a sun-kissed glow to your look with Mosaic Minerals Bronzer! The bronzer can be used on cheeks as a blush, or applied to the whole face to enhance the colour of your pstay tan. The lightweight formula means you can build it up to create a darker colour and increase the coverage to your liking!

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All Natural

Made with all-natural, organic goat hairs, these durable brushes are ideal for blending. The natural fibers are perfect for gripping powder and giving and evenly distributed stroke every time.
Premium Synthetic Hair Brush — Mini KabukiKabuki: This classic style is supple and perfect for a breezy, evenly distributed coverage over broad strokes.


                       Contoured Bronzing Brush: The cutting edge angling technology allows you to get a fabulous, precise sweep of bronzer Natural Hair Brush — Contoured Bronzingevery time.



Concealer Brush: This durable brush is ideal for picking up and gripping the maximum amounts of product each time, meaning less spillage and a quicker make up routine. This all-natural Concealer Brush is also great for eyeshadows.


Mosaic Minerals Natural Hair Brush — Retractable PowderRetractable Powder Brush: Perfect for travelling and all day use, this hardy retractable powder brush will go the distance and be ready whenever you are!

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Synthetic & Sublime

Trust us, these brushes are heaven on a stick. Unbelievably soft, you won’t be able to stop yourself caressing the highly refined synthetic fibers. These brushes are of the highest quality and will eliminate that ‘streaky’ issue forever. These brushes are also hypoallergenic, ensuring the highest level of care for your skin.

Long Handled Kabuki / Powder Brush: This condensed long-handled brush really packs a punch. The elongated handle allows for ultimate control when applying foundation.


Premium Synthetic Hair Brush — BronzingBronzing Brush: This incredibly soft Bronzing Brush will simple be paradise for your face. Supple and airy, this brush will allow for a soft, sweep of perfectly distributed bronzer.


Premium Synthetic Hair Brush — ConcealorConcealer Brush: The precision tailored fibers and lenghty handle of this brush ensures a perfect and exact application every time. Perfect for delicate concealer operations and eye shadow.


Kabuki: The Kabuki is essential in any makeup case and this exceedingly soft brush is perfect for broad, breezy strokes. The refined synthetic fibers will minimize any chance of a streaky finish.

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