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    For the ultimate spray tan results, we recommend the use of the TechnoTan application mitt, exfoliating cream and after tan care products. Be prepared for your tan, look after your tan, and remove your tan effectively to look your best. The TechnoTan tan care range of products are available separately, in evaluation packages or as samples. Register today, and you can order online.

Tan Care Products

Tan Care
TechnoTan offers a complete range of Tan Care products, each designed to prepare your skin for the tan or to extend the life of your tan. We also carry products to enhance your tan, ranging from exfoliating mitts, to bronzing creams and tanning mousse.
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Pre Tan Preparation

TechnoTan offers a complete range of Pre Tan products, each designed to prepare your skin for the tan.
Pre Tan Preparation
  • Exfoliating Body Cream
  • Exfoliating Facial Gel
  • Tan Remover
  • Tan Removal Mitt

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After Tan Care

TechnoTan’s range of After Tan Care products are specifically created to work with our tanning solutions. The products optimise your tan to give your body that After Tan Care glow.
After Care
  • Tan Saver Body wash
  • Full Body Moisturiser
  • Moisturising Body Milk
  • Deluxe Body Butter
  • Body Butter with Shimmer

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Tan Enhancement

Tan Enhancement Products are developed to bring out the best in your tan. The products ensure a longer lasting tan, to make it shimmer and provide a natural looking glow. We recommend using a Tan Extender as the perfect tan enhancement product for your clients.
After Care
  • Tan Extender
  • Bronzing Cream
  • Shimmering Bronzer
  • Tan in a Can

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Hair Care

Tan Saver Hair and Conditioner products are designed to offer a soft clean wash of the hair, without affecting your tan.
  • Tan Saver Shampoo
  • Tan Saver Conditioner

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