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    For the ultimate spray tan results, we recommend the use of the TechnoTan application mitt, exfoliating cream and after tan care products. Be prepared for your tan, look after your tan, and remove your tan effectively to look your best. The TechnoTan tan care range of products are available separately, in evaluation packages or as samples. Register today, and you can order online.


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We’ve introduced an opportunity to increase your income through our Reward scheme. Simply by buying smarter, appointing agents and increasing your marketing presence, you can share in TechnoTan’s Rewards scheme.

At TechnoTan we believe in rewarding our clients, and we offer a range of incentives, including rewards for referrals and repeat orders.

Another way to be rewarded as a TechnoTan customer, is by becoming a TechnoTan Brand Ambassador. Subject to your location and area profile, we’d love to get more people involved to help promote the brand on an area basis.

TechnoTan Brand Ambassadors

  • Rewarded based on sales
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