Spray Tan Training

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TechnoTan are renowned leaders in the Spray Tan sector, not only for their quality product but for their first-class spray tan training. Knowing the correct technique in applying a spray on tan will have clients leaving your salon looking fabulous and encouraging all to join the hype.

To use TechnoTan products we require salon staff to attend at least one spray tan training session so that you are comfortable using our spray tanning equipment and to ensure that you get the best results from our spray tanning solutions.

TechnoTan have representatives in most states that are able to come out to your salon or home and conduct a full training session.

We will provide training on:

  • How to achieve an optimum spray on tan
  • How to choose the best solution colour
  • How to operate and maintain your equipment
  • How to spray a client
  • TechnoTan accessories
  • TechnoTan retail products
  • How to market your business

Spray Tan Training can be purchased separately or may be included in your starter kit. To find out more call (08) 9412 3000 or Book Training Here