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Your Spray Tanning business is losing hundreds of dollars every week

If every one of your spray on tanning clients spent an extra $10 with you this month how much extra profit is that going to give you?
$100 a day, $200 MORE?

Let’s say it’s just an extra $50 a day, that’s an extra $1,000 A MONTH you’re missing out on!

Well, that is what you’re letting go down the drain or giving to your competition. Why? Because you’re not letting them give you more money.
Yes, it is a matter of them giving you the money because if you do it right, you don’t even have to sell them anything extra.
You have a silent salesperson ready to start selling TechnoTan tanning products for you all you have to do is use it.

How do you make these extra profits without having to do any of the hard work?
Simple. Ensure that you have aftercare products and Tanbience Candles in stock and follow these simple steps:
One of the most powerful senses is our sense of smell. In fact, it’s so powerful that some stores even pump it into the air to motivate sales.
So if you have a Tanbience Candle burning in your tanning room not only will it stimulate sales but people will ask you “What’s that smell, its lovely”? Then all you have to do is point to the poster mentioned below.

  • Every day make sure you have one of our Tanbience Candle flavours burning.
  • Make sure that you display our “Todays Tanbience Scented Candles IS…” poster so your clients can see it.
  • You could even put it on your counter with a special offer.

Aftercare products as a Point Of Sale on your counter are another way to get extra profits without you having to do any selling.
People who have just spent money on looking good are prone to wanting to keep that look for as long as possible and are more likely to spend money on aftercare when they are about to pay for their tan.

Download your Tanbience and After Care Point of Sale resources by clicking here

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