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Are you prepared for the highest profit churning months of the year?

To make it easy for you we have prepared a checklist that if followed will guarantee more bookings, higher profits and a memorable (newsworthy) experience for your customers!


Retail Ready 3 Point-Checklist

  1. Ensure you have a range of solutions available in various colours and development times. If you don’t have a customer’s favourite colour, you SHOULD have a comparison product that you can steer them towards trying. Don’t have the funds available following a slow winter month? Then take advantage of your credit card as you will be sure to make cost + profits in ten-fold within the first few weeks of the sunshine reappearing.
  2. Know your products! There are great profits to be made from the TechnoTan Tan Care range. Take some time to read up on each of the products available to you; so that you and your stuff can up sell with each tan. Tan extender is a great add-on product! Likewise our self-tan range for customers intending on traveling during the summer and wanting to top-up their spray tan glow!
  3. Have marketing materials on hand and campaigns scheduled. Loyalty cards, buy one get one free, gift vouchers are all available from TechnoTan. They are a low-cost and effective marketing tool that both generates new business and entices customer retention. Tan Parties are great during ‘festival season’ – consider offering the host of the party a free tan when spraying 3 of their guests. Do you have a customer who’s is attending a Christmas Party; don’t let them leave your salon within an offer to pass to their colleagues.
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