The Secret to Flawless Skin Prep with TechnoTan

Embarking on a journey to achieve a flawless spray tan begins with the skin, not the spray gun. As February brings the promise of perfect tans, the focus shifts to the essential first step: skin preparation. TechnoTan offers a range of products designed for this purpose, ensuring clients can enjoy the best outcomes. Let’s explore how to prep the skin effectively, highlighting TechnoTan’s role in creating the perfect canvas for every tan.

Start with Exfoliation

A seamless, glowing tan starts with smooth, exfoliated skin. TechnoTan’s Exfoliating Body Cream and Tan Removal Mitts gently remove dead cells, ensuring an even base for tanning. These products help the tanning solution spread uniformly, avoiding patchiness and extending the tan’s longevity.

Keep the Skin Hydrated

Hydrated skin not only looks vibrant but also holds the tan longer. After exfoliating, moisturizing becomes crucial. TechnoTan’s Hydrating Body Lotion is enriched with natural nourishing ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin, setting the stage for an impeccable tan. This ensures that the tanning solution adheres evenly, allowing for a more durable, radiant result.

Use Barrier Cream for Precision

Applying TechnoTan’s Barrier Cream prevents the over-absorption of tanning solution in areas with thicker skin. This product acts as a protective layer, ensuring that hands, feet, and other prone areas don’t darken more than the rest of the body. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that can elevate the spray tanning experience, resulting in a natural-looking, flawless tan.

Prepare the Night Before

Advising clients against using oil-based products the night before their tan ensures the skin is ready for the spray. TechnoTan’s water-based Hydrating Body Lotion is the perfect alternative, offering hydration without leaving a barrier. Additionally, advising clients to shave or wax at least 24 hours before their appointment helps minimize irritation and ensures the skin is perfectly prepped for the tan.

Final Prep on Tan Day

Ensuring the skin is clean and product-free on the day of the tan is paramount. TechnoTan recommends a final, gentle exfoliation on the morning of the appointment with our Exfoliating Body Cream to remove any lingering dead skin cells or product residue. This guarantees the skin is in prime condition for tanning, ensuring the application is flawless.

Focus on Aftercare

Maintaining the tan is as crucial as the prep work. TechnoTan’s After-Tan Care Products, including our Hydrating Body Lotion and Tan Extender, are formulated to nourish the skin post-tan, helping the color last longer and fade evenly. Educating clients on the importance of aftercare and the benefits of using TechnoTan products will enhance their tanning experience and satisfaction.


Thorough preparation transforms the tanning process. By guiding clients through the essential pre-tan steps and emphasizing the importance of quality products, you’re not just ensuring they receive the best possible outcome; you’re elevating their entire tanning experience. TechnoTan’s range of exfoliating, hydrating, and aftercare products are specifically designed to prepare and maintain the skin for tanning, promising every client a radiant, enduring glow. Remember, the secret to a flawless tan lies in the prep, and with TechnoTan, perfection is within reach.

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