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Even when its cold outside spray tanners are in need of that faux summer glow!

Rain is a spray tanners worst nightmare! In fact, water in general can turn what was to be a flawless spray tan into a streaky disaster.

But don’t despair! Follow these tips and you will be guaranteed a stunning, golden glow.


1. Cover Up!

When you leave the salon be sure that you are fully clothed. Wear a loose long sleeve t-shirt, loose tracksuit or cotton pants and put soft winter bed socks over your feet. And most importantly carry your umbrella or ask if your Technician has one of our umbrellas!

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2. Don’t wash your hands

You have a legitimate excuse not to wash those dishes. Leave anything to do with water during the development time. Times will vary depending on what solution you have been sprayed with so best to check with your tan technician as to how long you need to keep clear of H2O. This is typically between 2-8 hours.

3. Relax

Yes, that correct! Take it easy during the development period. No exercising, no strenuous cleaning or activities that make you perspire. Sweat is water! Water is bad!

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What to do if water touches your skin?

Use a blending brush and blend the solution into the pores of your skin. If you don’t have a blending brush, use a blush brush! Whilst this won’t guarantee a flawless tan, it will certainly make the damaged area less noticeable.


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