Become an Outlet

Become an outlet

Looking to attract new clients?

If you are already operating as a salon, spa or gym, then you can benefit from your client base by offering spray tan. For a relatively small capital outlay, you can increase your profits and draw more clients to your business; they will be likely to recommend the service to others.

Already offering Spray on Tans?

Thanks to the advanced formula used by TechnoTan, we find that many salons switch over to our solution once they’ve given it a try. The range of Spray Tan Solutions offer long lasting tans that enhance your skin tone in a realistic summer glow.

Contact us today for a demonstration, training or simply to sample our products.

Benefits of Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning is one of the most popular beauty regimes today. It allows you to look good and feel great, all year round, without the risks of skin cancer and the ageing effects imposed by harmful UV sun rays.

Not only is it a safer alternative to sun baking and solarium use; spray tanning allows for an even colour, any time of the year – rain, hail or shine.

The market is stronger than ever and now is the time to get involved and reap the rewards.

TechnoTan prides itself on supporting those in every situation – whether you’re already set up in a salon, or looking for a home operated business to suit a busy lifestyle. We’ve got packages for everyone, featuring ongoing support to ensure you achieve the maximum success from your business.

Our one-on-one training is available on-site. TechnoTan will ensure you are fully competent in the application of spray-on-tan, as well as where to start in terms of marketing your new service.

To find out more or to get started today, please contact the head office on (08) 9214 3000 or enquire online.

Profitability of Spray Tanning

Ever wanted to be your own boss? Work your own hours? Are you already running a salon and want to increase your profits? We’ve got the solution for you!

TechnoTan spray tanning is the easiest way to make money, while doing something you love. Our UV Free Spray Tan takes just minutes to apply, is easy to use and the quality is second to none. With 4 great solution ranges to choose from, there is a colour for everyone.

We offer full training and ongoing business support to ensure you are getting the most from your spray tanning service. We also have a huge range of products and equipment to suit any budget.

Here are some examples of what you could earn on average, and the potential profits in comparison to other beauty services. (* Note: these examples are in no way a guarantee of income; seasonal variations will apply. The more energy you put into your tanning business, the greater the results)

Earning Example
Income from client$30 – $45
Solution cost per spray$4 – $5
Clients per hour3-
Profit per spray$25 – $41
Potential gross profit per hour$75 – $246
Gross profit per day – 10 clients per day$250 – $410
Gross profit per annum – 52 weeks per annum$65,000 – $106,000


Salon Services Profit Comparison Table
ServiceTypical Salon CostProduct CostProfit $Realistic TimeGross Profit Per Hour
TechnoTan Spray Tanning$30-$45$4-$5$25-$4110 – 20 mins$75-$246
Body Wrap$80$22$5860min$58
Hair Colour$95$22$7390min$49
Leg Wax$45$8$3730min$74

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A PDF version of this information is available here: TechnoTan Opportunities Flier

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