Performance Standards

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TechnoTan formulas contain naturally derived organic ingredients that are paraben and alcohol free. While some synthetic ingredients are used to ensure premium performance and maximum client satisfaction, our formulas are developed to ensure safety and optimum tanning results. We use a very small amount of fragrance, giving our products a subtle aroma that our clients do enjoy.

Spray Tanning is a safer alternative to sun baking and solarium use. It is 100% safe which allows for an even colour, any time of the year – rain, hail or shine.

Spray Tanning is one of the most popular beauty regimes today. It allows you to look good and feel great, all year round, without the risks of skin cancer and the ageing effects imposed by harmful UV sun rays.

TechnoTan is a major player in the spray tan industry. With a stronger market than ever, now is the time to get involved and reap the rewards.


TechnoTan prides itself on supporting those in every situation – whether you’re already set up in a salon, or looking for a home operated business to suit a busy lifestyle. We’ve got packages for everyone, featuring ongoing support to ensure you achieve the maximum success from your business.


Our one-on-one training is available on-site. TechnoTan will ensure you are fully competent in the application of spray-on-tan, as well as where to start in terms of marketing your new service.


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