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At TechnoTan we strive to deliver the best spray on tan in Australia, and the world. Please feel free to share your thoughts about our products and service.

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I have been using TechnoTan for about 15 years
There is no other product on the market that comes close to this product not only do they have 17 colours to help make the perfect tan colour for all types of skin they have the best before and after care.
Plus if you want to be a spray tanner and make some money this company is the best to deal with so much support and back up from the office there extremely fair honest and just a great company. Do yourself a favour have a tan or make some great $$$ cannot fault these guys.

Ronny Ray
Marriage celebrant

I’m loving the new formula of the tanning mousse. It’s so easy to apply and lasts really well. I thought just having two colour choices would be restricting but they work perfectly. It’s a great retail option,along with the body wash, after a spray tan.
Well done Techno team

Owner / Back to Beauty

I’ve been using Technotan for about 8 years. I absolutely love the solution especially the red bio tan in espresso. I know my clients love it too as they love the quality of Technotan solution.

Cathy Hedley

I used the Mousse last night i found it didn’t have a bad smell which was good , the colour was great and the texture was very light


The product [Classic Tanning Mousse] is absolutely amazing the smell is also nice not fake or smelly.

I’ve had 1 client in particular that is allergic to all self tanning ie bondi sands etc. She can use technotan spray tan so i offered her my own caramel mousse and she had no rash or issues and the colour was perfect. 

Owner / Indulge Your Beauty

I just washed it off and I am in love!

I haven’t used tanning mousse in a few years because I hated how hard they were to get even and streak free. Also the smell of mousses and the shop can spray tans have always put me off. I am sooo pleasantly surprised with how amazing the Choc Fudge mousse actually is! The scent is subtle and smells quite nice compared to the usual “fake tan smell”. I also found it super easy to apply with the mitt and it was so easy to get perfect without any streaks. I am also in love with colour of the Choc Fudge and how rich the tan is. Definitely my favourite mousse on the market and I will absolutely recommend it to everyone who’s a mousse tanning addict!

Rachel Marie

Just unpacked them[New Classic Tanning Mousse] and was saying how good is it for the colours to be named the same as the colours we are using on the clients. This will make it easy to add on sell!

The Spraytan Salon

I first tried techno tan in 2012, this product is something I truly believe in and I have never looked back. My favourite range in techno tan would definitely be the red! I have always been 100% satisfied with the colour! Spray tanning is something I do for a hobby but I am ready to take the next step. I decided to set up a tanning business because it is something I am good at and I feel it’s where I belong.

Bonni Finiki

I used to get tans from randoms salons around Perth and then I started getting tanned with Bonnie who uses Techno Tan and I have never turned back. It lasts longer and has a darker more real looking colour then any other tan I have experienced. I travel a lot for my modelling and I have tried tans in LA, Greece and London and still nothing even comes close to comparing with how good my tan is when I use Techno Tan. It is definently something I recommend to all my friends and anyone who wants a even long lasting tan with a natural looking colour!

Bree Connor

My Brides to be absolutely love the 6hr Champagne, gives and all over natural looking Tan.
But all your solutions are amazing in 2 & 6hr & they last 7-10days.

Owner / Indulge Your Beauty

I have been using techno tan for more than 10 years now when I first saw it at the Every Woman’s Expo. I still have the original machine and it still produces the perfect tan. I have tried most new spray products from other companies as they have become available and there is still no product of the same quality as Techno Tan. Classic Tan Aloe Glow has been my go to product and I would recommend it to anyone. The service from the dispatch team has been consistently excellent. Staff are always friendly and even being in a regional area, my order has often arrived just with standard postage within 48 hours. Thanks Techno Tan, you are a fantastic company!

Revelations Image Consultancy

I have just switched my spray tanning business from another brand to TechnoTan and I am soo impressed. The product is divine, range of shades and products is fantastic, plus the best part- my clients are absolutely loving TechnoTan. I would say that I have increased my business significantly due to the use of TechnoTan. I would recommend any spray tanner to use TechnoTan- you wont be sorry!

Rae jas
Owner / The Tanning Studio Perth

WOW thanks so much for your super fast postage of my solution!! You guys are amazing!!

Laura Cairns

I have been using TechnoTan for over 5 years and I won’t use anything else. Love the colour and all my clients keep coming back. Ten out of ten TechnoTan

Sue Robinson-Witnish

TechnoTan Crystal is a favorite solution among a lot of my clients. They love the way it goes on. Great for busy clients on the go. Can spray and go and no one even knows it hasn’t be washed off.

Wendy Hoad

As much as I do love the Flash Tan Blue, there is not one of my clients who doesn’t wear the BioTan Plus amazingly! It looks so natural and suits majority of people, Cappuccino is my choice!

Hayley Glenn

I love to mix Classic Tan Aloe and Chocolate Brown, its the perfect blend and best tan I’ve ever had

Natasha Gallier

Flash Tan Blue is by far the best colour over all the others. I, and a lot of my clients, LOVE this range.

Nic Scarce

I love to blend my solution colours & I know I’ll always stand out in the crowd as an original… The only thing I bet on solely is TechnoTan… No matter where I go I always get compliments & I recommend Techno as the only go to tanning solution to look natural at any time of the year…

Michelle Dee

Love the Flash Tan Blue solutions! They are the best colour and last longer! When wearing everyone always compliments my tan

Sharnese Potter

Flash Tan Blue Extra Dark is an all-round winner

Jude Mccolough

Flash Tan Blue gives an amazing Mediterranean colour

Jessica Veneziano

I have dermatitis and BioTan Plus is the only tan that doesn’t make me itchy!!

Rach Jones

One of my clients never misses out on tanning, Tiana comes to me every single week and just loves getting TechnoTans 2 hour BioTan Plus Espresso solution. We love that it leaves that “I’ve just been to the beach look” and love that it is moisturising and can last up to 2weeks if not more!

Samantha Sweeney

Love the Flash Tan Chocolate Mousse.

Mel Paul

Flash Tan Blue all the way!!

Emmalene Joy

I’ve only trailed the BioTan Plus on myself once but i love it. TechnoTan don’t make it easy for us lol all colours end in perfect results

Marie-José Rodriguez

Flash Tan Blue gives the most phenomenal colour.

Devon Edwards

Flash Tan Blue in Medium is the perfect colour for all skin types all year around

Jamie Mearns

My favourite is by far BioTan Plus Cappuccino. I’d much rather use a beautiful RED tan that includes exotic ingredients known for their anti-aging, moisturising and hydrating properties then go RED from the sun

Tash Kennedy

I’m a blends gal all the way! I say get the very best from both worlds and MIX EM UP!!! To create the finest and unique tan colour possible… both BioTan Plus red and Flash Tan Blue are superior solutions each have such endearing qualities, so why not capture the Mediterranean and warm Brazilian Bronze tones together for that exotic summer glow all year round. My clients adore the mix and continue to return asking for “the same again sista” with a happy smile each and every time.

Leisa Marron

I love the Flash Tan Blue. Its very popular with all my clients. My brides usually like the BioTan, especially summer weddings and then they get the bronze glow too

Denise Boden

Flash Tan Blue all the way! Best colour and smells amazing.

Lisa Jones

My clients are red BioTan Plus fans all the way. My most popular colour is Cappuccino and I receive so many positive review about the Tans. It’s a gorgeous colour xo

Heidi Koch

Flash Tan Blue, love it and so do my clients.

Vanessa McCutcheon

BioTan Plus Red. Customers love the bronze goddess colour. I’ve never had a customer’s tan appear orange. Techno Tan all the way

Steph Hennessy

Flash tan blue is an all time winner! No orange tones and looks perfect on ANYONE! With one tan you could literally tan anyone! How cool is that??? No matter how light or dark you are it’s bound to suit your skin tone. My customers have fallen in love with it just like I did! I feel happy knowing my customers love something as much as I do, customers are never wrong! and finally, It smells AMAZING & you get to walk around a little purple for a few hours! What more could you want?!?

Ashleigh James

Flash tan Blue Dark gives flawless colour and fades so evenly you don’t even notice. By far the best and most popular with my clients

Amy Violet

Flash tan blue!! The end result, the coating is perfect and the smell is amazing!

Belinda Harris

Flash tan blue is my favourite! It turns out perfectly every time & suits absolutely everyone

Allison Quade

Love the Flash Tan Blue tan also love the red BioTan Plus but love love them mixed 50 /50

Coco Tanning

Flash tan blue is my favourite. Clients love it dark dark.

Cassie Williams

Flash tan blue is by far my favourite, great colour always looks great.

Cheryl Knipe

My Clients & I love Flash Tan Caramel

Bek Batten

TechnoTan is by far the best professional product range I have worked with. With a large colour range so there is something to suit every client, for whatever the occasion is and an aftercare range to extend the tan up to 3 weeks, its great

owner / Maxitan

My premier spray gun would be 12 years old & still going great.

Carolyn Booth

At Pimp my Skin Spray tanning Salon I have been using TechnoTan for around 6 months and absolutely LOVE everything about it. Their ultimate quality solutions that undoubtedly achieve a flawless, natural glow each and every time and the variety and selection of their designer Tan Care products that are superior in every way. TechnoTans amazing team are always informative supportive and available to help in any way, offering valuable information to technicians ensuring we are updated at all times. The tanning pod is definitely the best investment I have ever made, very professional and easy to clean. There’s no looking back, my clients are delighted. …I’m delighted and I look forward to many years of using TechnoTans products and equipment. Offering my clients only the best! !!!!!

Leisa Wild
Owner/Operator / Pimp my Skin Spray Tanning

At Indulge Body and Mind beauty salon we love using techno tan. We have used their products for 6years now. We started out with the typical tent which was fine but soon upgraded to the tanning pod and never looked back. We have used the pod for around 5years now and it’s absolutely amazing. Having built in exhaust fans and filters allows us to have a lot less mess and overspray. It’s super easy to keep clean and looks really professional. We will continue to love and enjoy using techno tan products and equipment.

Indulge Body and Mind

My clients are absolutely loving the red tone, love the colours achieved by mixing them up a little! Latte and mocha just walk out the door, love TECHNOTAN.

Fallon Patroni Dobie

“…fantastic, TechnoTan is my fave”


I have been using Technotan for approximately 6 years now and as a training school we use Techno Tan Vutan in our training and absolutely LOVE IT. We have great support from Laurellee Richards our Queensland rep and she is ALWAYS prompt with our questions or requests for information. Great to deal with you Laurellee. Pop in anytime.

Rita Mazzei

We have stocked Techno Tan now for over 5 years including other brands and this product is always the one that flys off the shelf!!!!

Perf Tanning Brisbane

We have tested many different brands over the years and we love Techno Tan.