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Operate as a Salon, Spa or Gym

  • Looking to attract new clients?

If you are already operating as a salon, spa or gym, then you can benefit from your client base by offering spray on tan. For a relatively small capital outlay, you can increase your profits, and draw more clients to your business; plus they are likely to recommend the service to others.

  • Already offering Spray on Tans?

Due to the advanced formula used by TechnoTan, we find that many salons switch over to our solution once they’ve given it a try. The range of Spray Tan Solutions offer long lasting tans, that enhances your skin tone in a realistic summer glow.

Contact us today for a demonstration, training or simply to sample our products.

Operate as a Home Studio

Operating a spray tanning home studio is fast becoming a popular option for many people who enjoy the convenience of managing a business from home. TechnoTan encourages many of its clients to choose this option because it is highly profitable and allows technicians to have total control over how their business operates.

TechnoTan will provide full training and support on how to best operate and manage your spray tanning home studio. TechnoTan has a number of packages including equipment such as Semi-Permanent Spray Tanning booths or an built-in TechnoTan Spray Tanning POD that can make a home studio a very easy and effective way of earning an income while building up a loyal clientele base.

To learn more about how you can operate a successful Spray on Tan business contact us today.

Offer Mobile Services

Mobile services are fast becoming a preferred choice by many customers who find the service highly convenient and easier than going to a beauty salon or home service.

TechnoTan offer a unique range of packages that include portable equipment to make mobile servicing incredibly easy and efficient. TechnoTan will fully train you and provide you with marketing materials and business support designed for mobile operators.

To find out how you can benefit from becoming a TechnoTan mobile operator, contact TechnoTan today.

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