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Hair removal is an important step in the tanning process, but it’s a step that shouldn’t immediately precede a spray tan application.

Waxing – Only ever get waxed in advance of your spray tan. Ideally, you should consider waxing 1-2 days before your tan. This will ensure your skin is hair-free and smooth for tanning and will also allow your skin time to recover. Freshly waxed skin will have open pores; spraying DHA onto those open pores may cause skin irritation. Allowing this time in advance of your tan will give them time to close. Ensure that there is no wax left on your skin as this will create a barrier for the tanning solution and will result in a blotchy finish.

Young woman waxing legs

Plucking – Similar to waxing, plucking hairs will open pores and you need to allow time for them to close prior to applying tanning solution. If its only an odd hair here and there, then it is ok to pluck the day of your tan however we discourage you from plucking before your initial shower following application. Tip: Applying an ice cube to the area you have plucked for 10-15 seconds will encourage the pores to close.


Shaving – Shave the night before your tan! When you shave not only do you remove unwanted hair but you also exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating your skin is considered the most important step before having a spray tan. So in essence, by shaving you are kicking two goals! Following your tan we encourage you to shave as little as possible as each time you do, you ‘exfoliate’ (remove skin cells) and thus, reduce the lifespan of your tan.

Young and positive woman shaving her legs in the bath with foam and candles.

Tip: For best results on your legs, run your razor over each spot twice.


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