Is your website making you money?

The evolution of the website is something that should be taken very seriously by beauty salon owners and work from home beauticians.

Gone are the days where a beautiful website filled with information, pretty photos and cool credentials, will be enough the impress your clients. These days you need to be on top of social media, digital marketing and the power of the Internet.

Every salon, from the biggest to the smallest, should have a dedicated Facebook site. It is easy to create, it is free, and it is the best way to communicate and update your customers. Plus it is a great way to grow your database.

Facebook and Google, and various other websites, offer services where you can communicate directly to all your customers, show them photos and videos, and get their feedback. You don’t need to make cold calls, as their technology will allow you to target your advertising to a very select group of potential customers in your area.

Facebook is great for growing your database, and to communicate with your customers, but can it make you money and save you time?

Possibly, but nowhere near as you could with a well designed website. Websites aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and even a basic design will allow you to promote your business, and sell products and services. In fact, you can even get the website to manage your bookings, staff rosters and stock levels; leaving you more time to make a profit.

Before setting out to design and launch a new website, it is very important to know what it is you want your website to do for you, and then to design a website that will be a one stop shop for all your services.

By allowing your customers to book online, it makes it easy for them to see where you have open time slots. Plus they can book and cancel without having to take up time on the phone. More importantly, you can target the customers with promotional add-ons. For example: Sandy books a spray on tan for Wednesday at 11am. Instead of just waiting for her to arrive for her tan, you can take the opportunity to promote pre tan products, or simply remind her that she should exfoliate before coming in for her tan. Afterwards, you can send a mail out to arrange for her next booking.

If you spend an hour less on the phone a day, then you can fit in $200.00 worth of extra spray tans a day… That is a $1000.00 a week, $52000.00 a year. If you also sell another $200.00 worth of products a day online, then you can add another $52000.00 annually. That is an increased turnover of over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Not bad for a passive investment.

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