Is Your Salon Working for You?

Let’s take an honest look at your salon. How would you rate the experience of going there for a tan? TechnoTan brings you a list of things to consider when assessing the effectiveness of your salon.



Potential clients will not be aware that your salon offer spray tanning if you do not promote it. Does your signage clearly state ‘TechnoTan Spray on Tan’ to passersby?


Creating an inviting atmosphere is a must to attract and keep clients. Background music, lighting and colour scheme all contribute to this. Having an appealing aroma is often overlooked in salons; TechnoTan’s Tanbience Candles are perfect for creating an enticing scent.


First impressions last, and keeping your salon clean is essential. This also includes your spray tan booth, which ideally should be cleaned after each client. A client is unlikely to return or refer others to a dirty salon, which means you are missing out on repeat business and referrals.

Product display

Displaying products available for purchase will ensure your clients know that your services extend beyond being spray tanned. Having these items available and on display will show to clients that you can cater for their pre tan preparation, tan enhancement and after tan care needs.


If you’ve promoted the benefits of your retail products, why not let your clients try them for themselves? Testers give your clients the opportunity to try your retail products.

Product knowledge

The best way to sell the benefits of your services to your clients is through your technicians. They should be aware of what tans work best with different skin tones and able to recommend colours to clients who are unsure, as well as recommending after tan care products. When your clients know they are being tanned by a technician with sound product knowledge, they will see the value in being sprayed at your salon will be more likely to return for another one.

Follow-up service

How do you know if a client likes his or her tan if you don’t ask them? Following up your clients a day after spray tanning them for the first time (or if they tried a different colour for the first time) shows that you value their business. This can be done with a simple phone call or text.

Client expectations

Understanding what your clients want from their tan will help you manage their expectations. All clients should understand that tans take up to 24 hours to develop, so the colour they are after showering will not be as dark as they will end up. Does your client expect their tan to last more than 10 days? Then they should be using TechnoTan Tan Extender or Tanning Mousse to maintain their tan. Effectively managing client expectations will increase client satisfaction and repeat business.

Client comfort

Whilst getting sprayed some clients can become self-conscious about their bodies. It is important to keep clients at ease and provide an environment where they can undress easily and with privacy. Your clients are more likely to rebook and refer your salon to other people if they enjoy their experience! Would you book with your salon today?

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