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How to enhance a client’s spray tan experience

Once clients fall in love with their tan they want it to last forever.

Your clients come to you as a their chosen Spray On Tan Professional through recommendation or as one of your regular clients.

Clients that experience a longer lasting tan are more likely to recommend others and re-book with you as their chosen Spray Tanning professional on a regular basis.

Good practice is to recommend the use of Aftercare and Tan Enhancement products promoted as an investment for a longer lasting tan.

Your clients will happily spend extra money on this good advice recommended by their spray Tan professional.

Don’t be freighted to “promote” the benefits of your aftercare products as this demonstrates belief in the product you represent and a concern for the best possible outcome for your clients.


  • Recommend exfoliation before a tan with TechnoTan’s Exfoliation Cream or Tan removal mitt.
  • Reinforce the benefits of showering using a TechnoTan’s Sodium Laurel Sulphate Free “Tan Saver” Body Wash and moisturise with TechnoTan Tan Extender daily.
  • Advise that using a Self tanning Product Like TechnoTan’s Tanning Mousse will allow the client to top up their tan as it naturally fades.
  • Offer a re-booking discount and a further discount off aftercare products if they re-book.
  • Incentivise clients to recommend you service to friends, family and people they know.
  • Finally, follow up on your clients and show that you care as people like to do business with people that show an interest in them.
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